Saving our precious endangered flora and fauna. Funding for where the need is greatest.

$116,989 raised
$250,000 goal

"FAME are a very practical organisation and we take great pride in selecting projects and programs that have a high chance of success."

Tracy McNamara, CEO

FAME’s future is a very challenging one; as the circumstances of our native wildlife deteriorate, more and more of our precious native species become endangered or have become extinct.

This fund is deployed at the Board’s discretion on nominated projects where the need is greatest.

Survey results from 2018 and, the current survey to date, have indicated your high level of belief and trust in not only that your funds are being spent well, but in the Board’s ability and progressive process to chose projects with strong, accountable conservation outcomes.

FAME’s role is support those small organisations and ecologists, scientists who would otherwise not attract funding. We look at both big and small projects across Australia. Our role is to provide our on-ground partners - who are the experts - with financial and conservation support, to allow them to focus on saving what is most important - our precious flora and fauna - from extinction.

Wherever possible, we support protected areas so native species can live in their natural environment, safe from the combined threats of habitat destruction and introduced predators and competitors.



  • Bilby
  • Potoroo
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Easter Quoll