Building a Capital Fund to secure future generations

"Our wildlife is relatively primitive and fragile; the problem has become serious. We have hundreds of species that could be a generation away from becoming extinct and the reality could be, my grandchildren will never see them alive in their natural habitat.”

– Chris Chapman, FAME Chairman

Both FAME’s Board and many of its long-standing members and supporters view the development of a capital fund as indispensable to FAME’s future operations. Over time, as both donations to this Fund and un-tied bequests are received and with sound management, the fund has the potential to become a valuable source of income for FAME’s important work.

The Capital Fund offers scope for FAME’s involvement with a wide cross section of philanthropic bodies and a corporate sector that, today, is keenly aware of environmental issues.

It is intended that only income derived from the fund’s investment will be distributed but the Board may, at its discretion and in rare circumstances, apply the capital for operational purposes.

An initial target of $5 million has been set.

For more information please contact Tracy McNamara at the Foundation on +61 8 8374 1744 or email

All donations above $2 are tax-deductible.