#ThreatenedThursday: Proserpine Rock-wallaby

#ThreatenedThursday: Proserpine Rock-wallaby

June 30, 2022

SPECIES: Petrogale persephone — Proserpine Rock-wallaby


A few interesting facts to note about the Proserpine Rock-wallaby: it may be larger than many of the other Rock-wallabies found in northern Queensland however it has the smallest distribution of any Rock-wallaby species. It is also known to be the only species found exclusively in rainforest.

Similar to other Rock-wallabies: fur is light brown to yellow-brown on outer limbs, feet and paws are black. Diet consists of grass, leaves, trees, other greenery and fallen fruit. Timid and cautious by nature. Under threat from habitat clearing, vehicles, disease, fire and predation by feral dogs, dingoes, domestic dogs, eagles, pythons and cats.

Photo: WhistlingKite24 (