#ThreatenedThursday: Kangaroo Island Echidna

#ThreatenedThursday: Kangaroo Island Echidna

August 18, 2022

SPECIES: Tachyglossus aculeatus multiaculeatus — Kangaroo Island Echidna


Adaptaion and defence mechanisms are certainly top on this one’s list for features. The Kangaroo Island Echidna repels it’s predators by curling into a ball. Plus, it can swim! It hates the heat and lacks the ability to sweat. Once it gets to about eight weeks of age, a baby Echidna becomes too spiky for the inside of its mother’s pouch, so out it must go into the big wide world.

🌱 In the lead up to Threatened Species Day on September 7, our #ThreatenedThursday features will focus on the endangered wildlife of Kangaroo Island.

In the wake of the bushfires, invasive species including feral cats, pigs and weeds have caused untold damage.

FAME is once again joining with KILfW working with private landowners to manage these threats and save our native species.

Learn more at the project page here.