#ThreatenedThursday: Kangaroo Island Brown-headed Honeyeater

#ThreatenedThursday: Kangaroo Island Brown-headed Honeyeater

September 15, 2022

SPECIES: Melithreptus brevirostris magnirostris — Kangaroo Island Brown-headed Honeyeater


Our last Threatened Thursday post introduced you to the KI White-eared Honeyeater – meet its cousin, the KI Brown-headed Honeyeater. Much like its white-eared friend, it plays a role in the pollination of native flora, meaning it is both reliant on, and important for, a healthy ecosystems.

A species of passerine or perching bird, it is found within the shrubby vegetation of temperate forests. Unlike last week’s honeyeater, the Brown-headed’s diet consists largely of insects, foraging by probing in the bark of trunks and tree branches, but they will switch to nectar in certain months. The KI subspecies has a significantly longer beak and wing and is heavier than the species found on the mainland – an adaptation likely relevant to the island’s floral species.

🌱 Last week we were excited to launch our Kangaroo Island Wilderness Project, and our weekly #ThreatenedThursday features are currently focussing on the endangered wildlife this project aims to protect.

Working with KI Land for Wildlife, the unique habitats found on the island will be protected and restored by working with private landholders to manage the fallout of invasive species damage following the bushfires.

Read about this ambitious restoration project by visiting: