The Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species (FAME) is here to stop further extinctions of Australia’s unique native wildlife.

One of our key projects is supporting the critical recovery from last summer’s Australian bushfires, and our partnership with Carmex is helping us do just that.

We’re helping the Brush-tailed rock wallaby and KI dunnart survive a devastating loss of habitat, and relocating endangered native bees to unburnt areas. We’re deploying drones to identify feral predators, and helping with the long term revegetation of affected regions.

By purchasing the special edition Classic Squeeze Tube lip balm from Carmex, 65 cents will come back to FAME to support this project.

But we can’t continue this work without the help of FAME Heroes like you! You can make this project possible by donating directly right here.

See some of our amazing success stories, saving Aussie wildlife from extinction: